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Our Process

Our financial planners are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) . Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) follow seven financial planning steps to create recommendations for their clients. These steps are considered to be the practice standards for CFPs.  We also believe this process adds great value to our clients 

  1. Understanding the client's personal and financial circumstances.

  2. Identifying and selecting goals.

  3. Analyzing the client's current course of action and potential alternative course(s) of action.

  4. Developing the financial planning recommendation(s).

  5. Presenting the financial planning recommendation(s).

  6. Implementing the financial planning recommendation(s).

  7. Monitoring progress and updating.


It starts from here.

Book your first 45 minutes online initial consultaion . This initial meeting is obligation and cost free.

You will soon receive an email to confirm your appointment. A link for your online meeting will also be included in your email.

If you prefer to meet face to face in our office, please let us know. You are more than welcomed to come. 

Let's talk.

It is all about you.

It’s an opportunity for us to learn about your attitudes, preferences, needs, challenges and discuss your key goals and objectives, as well as a realistic pathway and time-frame for reaching them.

We will clearly explain the services to be provided and define both our and your resposiblity. We wil explain fully how we be paid and by whom.

We will prepare a service agreement based our discussion and email it to you for review and signature. 

Meeting with Clients
Shaking Hands

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Tailored advice for you.

Once we get a sense of priorities and distinct aspirations, we will customise a financial plan to meet your lifestyle goals and objectives within a realistic time-frame.

Once we have devised your customised financial plan, we will cement this in writing so that you know exactly what we have recommended, how your money will be invested, all costs, and the ongoing service and care you can expect from us.

We will arrange a meeting to take you through our recommendations in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. Our aim is to explain what can be complex concepts and industry jargon in plain English so that you can fully understand how we manage your strategies and your money.

If you are happy with our recommendations and are ready to implement them, our team of experts will complete the rest of the process for you.

Let's stay on track.

It does not stop here. 

Life is constantly changing, and so are the laws and regulations that may affect your financial situation. Once our recommendations have been implemented, we will to monitor your finances so that they stay on track, and will continue to help you work towards your financial goals.

Typically, we will need to meet with you at least once a year, or at an interval convenient to you.

Online Communication